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start date end date title description icon date limit importance link modal
1968-08-20 Born Valley hospital in Ridgewood, NJ, to Martha & Steve Richardson. circle_green.png   50 http://www.ridgewoodnj.net/main.cfm
1982-09-01 1986-06-20 HHS Hanover (NH) High School. star_blue.png da 32 http://hanoverhigh.us/Hanover/
1987-03-01 1987-07-20 Asia Thailand, India, and Nepal circle_orange.png mo 32
1986-09-01 1992-06-01 Wesleyan Six years of too little sex, too many drugs, and questionable rock and roll. star_blue.png da 32 http://wesleyan.edu full
1995-09-05 today Marriage star_green.png ye 45